I can’t resist a guy with a big hairy beard... I think that’s a really well needed product.
— Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank)
Whisker Dam. Hilariously practical.
— Bearded user
It’s about a billion times better than shaving your mustache or not drinking beer.
— CoolMaterial.com
I might go as far as saying that I find it more comfortable drinking from a pint glass with the Whisker Dam than without.
— The Old Street Barber Co.
Not only does this thing do a stand up job at guarding your facial hair, it also looks damn good doing it.
— Ian, HiConsumption.com
protect your investment in the bewhiskered arts, without cramping your style at your favorite upscale beer bar.
— Brad TheManual.com
a great conversation starter when out in a bar... we highly recommend you get one of these dams,
— TheBeardedMag